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The Wacom Bamboo pen and tablet, while very popular within the creative industry, was less well known by users outside the design industry. To help promote the pen's ease-of-use and overall benefits with a broader range of users, Fi developed a playful and creative set of desktop tools for the Bamboo community.

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Our solution consists of the Bamboo Dock, which houses a rich set of mini applications, or Minis, and include the Landmarker mapping tool and Doodler, an intuitive scribbling and sketching tool, both designed by Fi.

The Bamboo Dock allows the user to quickly access and manage their Minis, as well as additional Wacom tools such as Bamboo Scribe and Bamboo link; users can also add personalized shortcuts to customize the experience.

Our designer wanted the look and feel to come across as playful and creative, and used bright colors in combination with a hand-drawn style in order to achieve this.


A collection of components from Bamboo Dock

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Release Date
September 18, 2008

Actionscript 3
Adobe Air
Flash 9

Wacom Fans

Our designers are frequent users of Wacom tablets and were thrilled to get the chance to work with them on this project.

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