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Fi was contacted by UR, the Swedish Educational Radio, to spearhead the creation of an online, interactive homework tool for kids aged 12-16 in core school subjects. The first project includes mathematics, and specifically geometry.

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The purpose of UR Smart is to increase knowledge and interest in school subjects among students by leveraging the unique possibilities of an interactive medium.

The website tells an interactive story where students travel in time and place, whereby students learn and practice geometry along the way. Each new location is introduced with a story consisting of voice, rich graphics, animation and interactivity.

The primary design goal was to create a clean, timeless and immersive experience which would educate students in a pedagogic, playful, and easy to use environment.


A collection of components from URsmart

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Release Date
February 27, 2009

Flash 9
Actionscript 3

Words from the Fi team

"This project has been unique in the way it combines pedagogy with the digital medium, and has been one of the most inspirational and innovative projects I have worked on so far." David Engzell– Senior Designer Fi

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