Time Warner Cable (DPD)
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Check out the prototype which was presented during various live shows.

Presented at Adobe Live

DPD enables users who are less comfortable with the web to easily configure their Time Warner Cable phone services online, by applying our in-depth user test results and focused feedback to the design framework.

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With the Digital Phone Dashboard, users can easily set up, organize, and delete their messages online, as well as access value-added features such as call blocking and forwarding.

The major design challenge was figuring out how to display information in an accessible manner for a wide spectrum of users. Fi also created in-depth user tests, resulting in a design framework accessible for users.

The design approach required a clean aesthetic design using smooth lines and a rather bold color palette in order to create the a feeling of simplicity and stability. A sister application is currently in production.


A collection of components from Time Warner Cable (DPD)

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Time Warner Cable

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April 15, 2008


Love those voice mails!

The feature favored most by the Moms we interviewed during tests: they loved the ability to save and store their favorite voicemails, in order to monitor the frequency (or infrequency!) of calls received from their loved ones.

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