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Fi loved the challenge of creating a brand-new Sudoku online gaming experience superior to any other on the market in terms of usability and interactivity. All while making both veterans and novices happy.

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After researching the fundamentals of Sudoku, we came up with the concept of the neat and effective "num pad" pop up. First-time players can enjoy "tips and tricks" and hint systems.

Each user's best score can be recorded for the various different games he/she plays. There are also several levels of difficulty, ranging from easy to insanely difficult; enough to quench the thirst of even the most avid Sudoku player.

The Japanese name of the puzzle became our main inspiration for the game's graphical theme. This influence is most prominent in the different background images and the cool, mythological dragon.


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Time Warner Cable

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January 19, 2006



After launch, one developer was so hooked he "took his work home with him", playing at least two hours a night just to get his fix.

Two-Toed monster

We based our character on the Ryu, a traditional dragon from Japanese mythology. Our version is a two-toed creature instead of the traditional three-toed monster.

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