Road Runner Play 4
Road Runner Play 4
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Experience traditional Play 4 going digital. Beat our top score, it's easy.

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Play 4 is a word-maven's delight, where players race the clock to solve eight clues and discover sixteen intersecting four-letter words in as few moves as possible. Fi loved making it authentic, digital and fun.

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Besides the obvious objective of providing a truthful recreation of a classic, Fi set out to please even the most eloquent word connoisseur by adding new digital treats for all to enjoy.

Because Play 4 is a race against the clock, the concept of time made an obvious choice for a design theme. The stopwatch icon combined with a vibrant color palette was a logical compliment to the stand-alone game as well as the trilogy.

Some of the nice additions to the traditional experience included the ability to feed the user little hints on their answers as well as an archive of past played games, going back as far as thirty days.


A collection of components from Road Runner Play 4

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Road Runner

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November 17, 2006


Perfect Harmony

Fi tapped a virtual United Nations to develop Play Four. A Swede, a Russian and a Portuguese worked in perfect harmony; the subsequent post-launch tournament was another story altogether.

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