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Red Bull is involved in almost every sport you can possibly think of and is the proud sponsor of a wide range of athletes from the vast corners of the world especially when it comes to extreme sports.

Red Bull asked Fi to restructure and design a simple yet elegant video portal, making the breath-taking footage from the Red Bull media archives as well as their streamed live events as easy to access as possible.

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The Concept

The project entitled, Redbull.TV, gives you exactly what the title says. This online portal gives you a vast selection of extreme sports media to choose from as well as providing a streaming portal for any Live events Red Bull happens to be broadcasting. The beauty of the site exudes from the ability to provide endless media content right at your finger tips. Visitors to the site can browse the endless selection of extreme sports and give themselves hours of entertainment for all ages.

The Process

Fi worked with Red Bull in the strategy and the design phase to create the exact look that would appeal to the target audience. With the final designs completed, Fi’s front-end developers built an interactive prototype of the website making sure all of the components work seamlessly together both in strategy and design. Developing this project Fi wanted to use all available cutting edge technology such as HTML5 and CSS3 which seemed well suited for this video portal. The Redbull.TV website is gracefully presented to users with the most industry-leading technologies that their browsers will allow and is accessible from almost all platforms with an Internet connection.

Lastly, Fi worked closely together with the back-end engineers at Red Bull throughout the template implementation with the Content Management System assuring full quality transfer in integration before its Scheduled Launch.

The Result

The Redbull.TV website is now standing solid as an essential starting point for viewing any extreme sport content. Fi together with Red Bull are proud to present the brand new online experience for all the Red Bull fanatics worldwide.


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Release Date
April 25, 2011

Flash 10

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