Porsche Bloodlines
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Rev the engine on Porsche's 2008 lineup; make sure to take the quiz.

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Fi envisioned an interactive and humble solution that would recreate the environment featured in the nationally run Cayenne GTS commercial and features the unmistakable sound of each Porsche engine.

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When a visitor first enters the site, they click a button to rev the engine of the Cayenne GTS. The roar of the Cayenne starts a "conversation" with another nearby Porsche.

There are a total of six different Porsches located at various points along the route. At each stop, the user can rev the engine read more information about the car model, or watch details in the background come to life.

In addition, visitors can find more value-added features down the road by driving into a hangar full of downloadable material, including ringtones, mp3's, wallpapers and more.


A collection of components from Porsche Bloodlines

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Release Date
January 11, 2008

Actionscript 3

Photo retouching

Quite some work goes into every pixel of a Microsite. When it comes to Porsche, ensuring each car looks immaculate sometimes requires help when the photo shoot wasn't perfect.

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