Panamera iPhone App
Panamera iPhone App

The Porsche Panamera is a four-door sports car for four, personifying the spirit and experience of Porsche. Fi was tasked with bringing the Porsche brand and Panamera experience to the iPhone and iPod Touch. The result: Porsche Panamera – behind the scenes magazine about Porsche luxury, at your fingertips.

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The application guides Porsche enthusiasts through the philosophy, motivation and design goals of the Porsche Panamera. Fi developed an idea that focuses on powerful imagery to convey the look-and-feel of the Porsche brand, and the details that make Panamera unique.

Providing a seamless experience was a requirement . To achieve this, Fi utilized the iPhone's standard interface conventions, but applied the Porsche look and feel to across the application.

Fi developed Panamera using the iPhone SDK and Apple’s Xcode environment. An important requirement was to provide internationalization for both English and German. Fi leveraged the powerful localization features of the iPhone SDK to provide localized versions of article text, images and application views.

The Panamera application is updated regularly through the app store. Updates include additional imagery, articles and video.


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Release Date
April 6, 2009

iPhone SDK
Xcode IDE

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