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Nintendo and Fi required an educational approach to successfully showcase the new Wii Fit. The site design revolves around the Wii Fit experience, the new hardware and an in-depth look at the variety of gaming possibilities Wii Fit has to offer.

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The main focus of the site is the training section that showcases each of the 17 default Wii Fit games, and provides video representations of the various gameplay options. The training section will feature additional games becoming unlocked.

The sites sections describe in detail how the gamer interacts with the game, which training features the game offers and what potential the user has to get into shape.

The site also provides the Wii Fit visitor with information about upcoming Wii Fit events in their city, news updates and a variety of information both potential and current Wii Fit users can enjoy.


A collection of components from Wii Fit

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Release Date
May 16, 2008

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Flash 7

Time to shape up!

The first person from Fi to try the Wii Board was our Business Director. After the initial assessment, Wii Fit rated his digital age as 45 years, a statistic he didn't necessarily agree with.

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