Wario Shake It! Teaser
Wario Shake It! Teaser
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Fi was asked by Nintendo to design and develop a teaser site to promote "Wario Land Shake It!" with a main goal of highlighting it's innovative "shaking" interaction used throughout Wii gameplay.

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We wanted this teaser site to really get users excited about the Wario game, so we focused on an experience that would be simple, yet playful and impactful.

When the user arrives at the site, they must grab and shake the big bag of coins sitting on the screen. As the user shakes out coins, different content for the site is revealed including the game summary, video preview and screenshots.

The teaser site was designed to evoke the retro look and feel of the console game through the use of bright, cartoon-y characters against a simple background.


A collection of components from Wario Shake It! Teaser

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Release Date
September 17, 2008

Flash 7
Actionscript 2

What's in a name?

Wario's name appears to be influenced the by the Japanese adjective warui, meaning "Bad", more proof that he is the "bad" twin to Mario's hero character.

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