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Fi was asked by Nintendo to design and develop both the teaser and microsite for their latest Wii title "Wario Shake It", with the goal to highlight the innovative "shaking" interaction used throughout game play.

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The Microsite was designed to mirror the Wii game, both in a retro look and feel as well as through the innovative use of "shaking" as the main interaction.

Designed to compliment and expand upon the exploratory feel of the teaser site, the user must uncover the hidden mission to reveal the "treasure" on the microsite, resulting in free game-related downloads.

The design uses impactful animations created to evoke the cartoony 2D graphics and the exaggerated action of the actual console game.


A collection of components from Wario Shake It

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Release Date
September 19, 2008

Flash 7
Actionscript 2

What's in a name?

Wario represents Mario's "bad" twin in more than one way: not only is the "W" just an "M" upside down, but the name is also influenced the by the Japanese adjective warui, meaning "Bad."

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