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Advance Wars fans are sure to admire the meticulous details.

Designed for the portable Nintendo DS console, "Days of Ruin" marks the latest installment in Nintendo's legendary strategy series, "Advance Wars" and is built around the premise of a global apocalypse.

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To capture Advance Wars' excitement and tension, the visual tone for the site is set from the beginning, and information about the game is delivered through a series of gritty video transitions.

Once inside the site, the user is brought into the middle of a war zone surrounded by a dark, organic color palette framed with the mechanical and steel elements of war technology. Sound and light also compliment the visual design.

In order to bring the complete Days of Ruin experience to the user, there is a downloadable media area, newsletter functionality and in addition, direct access to buy the game online.


A collection of components from Nintendo Advance Wars

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Release Date
February 7, 2008

Flash 7
After Effects

Bonus video

To create an original intro for the site that was loyal to the game, Nintendo allowed Fi to create a bonus video based on a series of images from the Nintendo DS intro.

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