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GeoBee for National Geographic
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National Geographic approached Fi with the objective of enhancing their mainstay online quiz, the GeoBee Challenge. We set out to make the game more fun, exciting and competitive.

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The GeoBee was created to compliment the real life “National Geographic Bee”, where middle schoolers compete against one another in the battlefield of geographic knowledge. The winner of this annual contest is crowned the GeoBee Champion.

GeoBee has two levels of difficulty, Apprentice and Expert. The user can win 1000 total points for each correct answer, with two chances to answer in Apprentice mode. After a 5 second countdown, 25 points are deducted for each second you delay.

For viral competitive effect, we added a daily top-10 global leader board. While the primary demographic for GeoBee is middle-school children, our designer created a sophisticated look to appeal to a broader audience.


A collection of components from GeoBee for National Geographic

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National Geographic

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October 22, 2008

Actionscript 2
Gaia Flash Framework

Stung by GeoBee

Who says it's for middle-schoolers? Despite being a diverse team from countries around the globe, only two Fi'ers made the top-10 list on their first try.

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