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With over a decade of music, video, photo and editorial assets, MTV wanted to get back to its roots and make the content king. The end result was a highly customizable portal with MTV Music's look and feel.

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The Overdrive portal really made it exciting and fun to access and browse MTV's vast media library, and gave users the option to watch videos in three different modes: - 1X, 2X, or full screen.

Users had the ability to create a personal library and customized playlists via a seamless drag and drop functionality. It was easy to play around with, and the users could instantly enjoy their different customizations.

We loved creating the design with MTV, and the end result was a clean, pearly black finish. It gave the impression of a serious, tactile desktop application, which appealed more to users than a website.

After several design iterations, the initial glossy feel was scrapped leaving a clean, pearly black finish. Users were given the impression they were using a serious, tactile desktop application, rather than just visiting a website.


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August 25, 2006


Old school cool

"MTV were legends to us growing up so it was awesome to get the chance to work with them. We forged a lot of great relationships and friendships which still last today."

Don't be a Flash Playa Hater

Users who did not have Flash installed were prompted with an install screen featuring the Dogfather himself - Snoop Dogg. As a result, users deemed it safe and cool to install the player fo' shizzle.

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