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When Joost first came to Fi, they knew what they wanted: A fresh look that preserved Joost's brand while updating the feel and keeping the focus on an uninterrupted video experience for their end users. Joost brought on Fi to take complete control of the design, information architecture and overall strategy behind the redesign. Their goals were a natural fit for Fi's talents so we jumped right in.

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The Process

First we experimented with an array of concepts to promote viewership and encourage users to spend more time on the site. We then created a full interactive prototype of the chosen concept which allowed Joost to interact with the new website as their end users would. In the end, Fi completely re-architected the site flow, introduced new community features such as multi-user play lists and removed obstacles to permit the ease of video watching. The updated UI also made it simple and intuitive to perform several tasks on the same page, from watching a video, sharing it with friends and finding additional great videos through browsing or targeted searching.

The Result

As with every project, Fi created a thorough interactive style guide for the redesign and per the request of Joost, also provided custom HTML templates for the new web pages. These assets were then used for reference during the development of the Joost redesign and helped to promote a smoother user experience and boost the Joost brand.


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September 1, 2010

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