Google Think Insights
Google Think Insights

This year, Fi has been working very closely with Google to present the latest digital facts and trends to brands and marketers in a way that’s fresh, exciting and helpful. Think Insights is a one-stop shop designed around the latest digital trends, industry research, marketing tools and data. Although they’re numbers and statistical analysis, they can make all the difference between “we are profitable” and “why is web traffic diminishing?”

C-level executives and junior marketers alike can use Think Insights to not only increase their knowledge and skills about emerging digital practices, but also to ensure long-term growth and success for their businesses.

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The Concept

As always, working with Google is both inspiring and challenging. As a long-standing partner agency with Google, we narrowed our strategy to address two key components: innovation and data. Our goal was to connect users personally to the latest digital trends and industry research, ease their discomfort with confusing data, educate users on how Google’s planning tools can transform their business and allow users to experience facts and data in playful, unexpected ways.

Fi brought Google’s forward-thinking ideas and data to life through five distinct channels: Latest Insights, Research Library, Planning Tools, Facts & Stats and Thinking Ahead. Each is deeply rooted in innovation and data, and ultimately educates, motivates and engages users to surpass their business objectives.

About The Project

When users visit the Think Insights site, they’re immersed in a down-to-earth world that zigzags together real-world business scenarios with Google’s comprehensive library of data, research, tools and new technologies.

Each channel addresses specific challenges and goals faced by users and then offers research, surveys, news and case studies produced by Google to help users overcome those obstacles in a smart and rewarding way.

One of the channels Fi created is used to tell users everything they need to know about the latest digital insights. They can learn how to connect with consumers at the decision-making moment in Google’s ebook Winning the Zero Moment of Truth. They can also find easy-to-adopt tips and best practices to reach a niche audience, such as African Americans or Hispanics. And as mobile devices and tablets become a go-to tool for consumers, they can discover actionable strategies to create a mobile optimized website, backed up by real-world stats and scenarios of how mobile has positively impacted similar users.

Sometimes it’s just as important to know the “why” as it is to know the “how.” Fi made the user experience more intuitive, thus allowing Google to provide relevant and useful news articles from Tech Crunch and other trade publications, educational videos & webinars from industry experts and even related tools and infographics to illustrate the impact of digital trends and tools. Every step of the way, users will be able to back-up their business strategies with forward-thinking ideas and data.

The Result

Overall, Think Insights delivers a rich and comprehensive educational experience that allows users to explore, understand and translate an enormous amount of stats and facts without feeling inundated or confused. The site thus becomes a smart, engaging and rewarding tool in the overall marketing and business strategies of brands, digital marketers and advertisers alike.


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Release Date
November 2, 2011

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