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Kontain Your Life

Kontain was founded to pioneer the way friends and family share their lives while on the go. We love social media but frustrated by uninspiring design, clunk UI and all the noise on existing networks. We wanted to watch instead of just read. We wanted a platform that made it easy to see and be seen. Pictures and video can capture the moment more powerfully than a line of text. So we dedicated ourselves to create a platform that's simple to use and above all, visually engaging.

Kontain vs. Other Platforms

Kontain is all about showing your friends and family what you are doing on the go through your mobile device. Users can post updates or show what's up in real time with a picture from their mobile device while following and being followed by other users. But the key to Kontain lies in its simplicity and the focus on visual updates. No other platform allows you to show what you're looking at, what you're doing, or what you're experiencing day-by-day or hour-by-hour in such an easy to use and beautiful way. Kontain's dashboard allows you to see what everyone else is doing on an individual basis or as a whole, and opens up entirely new modes of communication and self-expression.

Who Is Using Kontain?

Kontain is for anyone interested in a new way to communicate visually. It's for teachers and students, artists and business people, world travelers as well as moms and dads.. The beauty of Kontain is that its so easy to use, anyone with a mobile device can take part in this growing trend. Kontain is also accessible to those with PCs but to get the most out of the Kontain experience, it’s best sought through the “on the go”capabilities of a mobile device. More and more people are joining the hundreds of thousands of Kontain users,embracing the power of visual updates.

Kontain Design

Kontain's current design on the web is by no means a happy accident. Fi's designers are continually honing Kontain's user experience by making small but meaningful improvements to the overallarchitecture. What users see today is the result of a series of tests and experiments, iterations on IA theories, in addition to a constant flow of user feedback and beta testing. The Kontain account creation process for instance, is widely recognized as an example of distraction-free, intuitive design that lets users accomplish tasks quickly and transparently.

Other notable site design features include the trademark photo & video grid where users get an immediate visual snapshot of their friends lives in a surprisingly small space, or the homepage 'auto-feed' showcasing a continual stream of the latest posts across the community without the user lifting a finger. We designed it specifically to be easy to absorb info at a visual glance.

Kontain's mobile applications design stays true to the core focus of allowing users to capture a moment in photos and videos with the absolute lowest possible level of effort. With the Kontain iPhone app users can snap a photo or video and share it online with friends in a matter of seconds.

Kontain Technology

Kontain is built on cutting-edge technology to deliver the most robust, usable, fast and interactive experience possible to our users and clients. Our engineering team consists of exceptionally talented Information Architects, Designers, Front-end and Back-end developers as well as System Engineers who are extremely passionate and committed to making Kontain the primary media-focused community destination around the globe. To deliver its outstanding media upload process, Kontain is utilizing an in-house built, powerful and customizable transcoding service Kivatra which can also be licensed separately by business entities.

Technologically, Kontain continues to maintain a modern edge in both functionality and compatibility. Kontain is available wherever you are — sitting at your PC, on the couch with your iPad, walking your dog down the street, even while you shower (although we don't recommend this).

In addition, Kontain's mobile site makes content and features available on virtually any mobile device with an internet connection, which helps friends stay connected visually, regardless of device. Blackberrys to Nokia's and everything in between can browse Kontain in a mobile friendly and speedy little version.

Building Kontain from the ground up has posed serious challenges for Fi developers to come up with a way to truly minimize the time it takes from capturing a moment on film to sharing it with the world. This means paying attention to all the important details like front-end optimization, CDN usage and more. Fi believes firmly in the role speed and responsiveness plays in the overall user experience, and Kontain is a great example of that.

The End Result

Kontain is a next-generation social community on the go that lets users show what's happening with visual updates in real time. Choose a photo or video from your mobile device and quickly broadcast it to your friends and the world on a simple platform — it's the new way for people to connect and share their life. With Kontain, you can create a single snapshot of what's going on or weave a visual narrative with multiple updates. Your followers can now watch your vacation unfold in real-time, see your delicious meal at a restaurant, or view the sights and scenes as you walk through the park. Kontain is more than just another status update, it's a powerful, media-centric way for you to show, not tell.


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March 10, 2011


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