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EA.com - Global Brand
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EA and Fi began their relationship with the development and release of EAMobile.com. Having established a mutual workflow in each critical sphere – production, business and legal; the collective EA-Fi team set out to recreate EA's marquee online property – EA.com.

With stakeholders extending to the top of EA's organization, the sell-through process for EA.com required several pre-primary-production phases. Fi began the engagement with a design direction presentation. Once initial approval was obtained, EA and Fi collaborated to quickly develop an interactive prototype as a proof of concept for EA's Top Executives. After several revisions and a receipt of production approval, the team went back to square one to develop EA.com to compliment, communicate with, and enhance the exceptional gaming experience each EA title delivers.

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The Process

Back at the drawing board, there was a great deal to consider. Through collaborative strategy sessions, we identified that EA's successes to date have been built around the diversity and breadth of its offerings; with its Sports label, games based on movie licenses and long-running franchises spearheading its creative and industry growth. Therefore, ensuring each studio within EA was represented, integrated and cross-sold throughout EA.com was a requirement.

A second major requirement was presenting the EA experience to each user by their specific gaming console. An XBOX user looking for the latest Sims release wants to find out about The Sims for their XBOX – this important distinction became a fundamental principle.

As a product driven organization, we set out to build product details pages for each game to, (1) increase awareness through comprehensive Search Engine Optimization, (2) increase sales with intuitive information architecture and a 1-2 clicks-away-at-all-times ecommerce experience, (3) communicate directly with the user by immersing the user in the EA brand, and (4) provide added value wrapped around each game to re-establish EA.com as a first stop on a gamers quest for information about a new title.

Development of EA.com

The User

Bringing this all together – EA's greatest asset, the user, was the central focus of each point throughout the entire process. Like any project of this size, once the EA stakeholders were consulted, technical specifications were mapped out and marketing goals were defined, we moved on to the hardcore production. We began with an extensive wireframing (or blueprinting) phase, to quickly lay out the entire site. At this stage, we explored key interaction points and built mini-prototypes to identify problems and create solutions early on, when a change can be made quickly and cost effectively. Simultaneously, we began design directions and a preliminary build of the page templates.

Once the entire site was wireframed, the designs approved and page foundations built, we moved on to the critical initial build. Page-by-page, we assembled the site into a functional development environment. From there, we began the process of integrating the new site into EA's technical infrastructure. Finally, the site went through both EA's and Fi's rigorous Quality Assurance process to ensure the launch was successful. Collectively, EA and Fi launched a rapid succession of updates to enhance the experience as quickly as possible. Fi provided its standard post-launch support of bug fixing, testing and building a list of features for Phase Two.

The End Result

The resulting portal emerged with a clear, crisp design featuring a user-friendly layout highlighting EA's content and titles, driving traffic towards sales and additional products. Visually, it was important to focus on the content – so our designers created each page and component with a “content first, website second” mentality. To increase value, the new portal serves as a destination whereby EA can learn as much about its users as its users could learn about EA's products, all serving EA's goals of additional revenue generation, customer satisfaction and positive brand marketing.

EA.com was built to significantly promote online revenue growth, and re-affirm EA.com as a first stop on the users journey for gaming information and purchases. Stand by for updates on the success of the new EA.com.

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December 4, 2009

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