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EA has a longstanding relationship with Fi and asked that Fi play an integral role in the launch of their new game MMA. It was an opportunity for Fi to demonstrate their creative skills in using the Web to help launch a console game and act as a testing ground for building an interactive experience at the same time as the actual product. The end result shows how this unique approach allows one product to influence the other.

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The Process

The Fi team started with a blank canvas and immediately started brainstorming ways that the Web could provide an amazing experience for the forthcoming console game. Using an agile approach, the team started building the site, and worked with EAs Web Partner Program (WPP) to iterate and develop the very best experience for the site's users.

The unique approach of developing the site and while the game was still under development provided both opportunities and challenges. The concurrent development meant that the Fi team had to constantly adapt to changing requirements, but the major opportunity was to truly influence the actual game. As the Fi team identified key features and statistics for the site, the EA team implemented them into the console.

The largest addition was the live broadcast module that allowed fans of the game to watch matches online and create a true online community, and provided another reason to purchase the game itself.

The Results

The site was unveiled during the E3 conference to the delight of thousands of fans. During the EA Sports MMA demo event "Worlds Collide,” two matches were aired live (link). The first match was between EA Sports Creative Director Jason Barnes vs. MMA fighter and STRIKEFORCE light heavyweight champion Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal, who was playing as himself in the game. The second match featured two EA Sports members, giving MMA fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller, who was a commentator on this event, the chance to witness and comment on the loss of his virtual clone. Thousands of fighting game fans were watching the event live on easports.com/mma.

Both the client and the fans of the game loved the final results and the new kind of interactivity the site provides.


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June 15, 2010


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