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Spore Origins
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Do you have the most highly evolved Spore? Battle other community member's Spores and find out!

Create your own life form now.

The Spore Origins microsite is designed to promote the long awaited Spore game, modified by EA specifically for mobile devices. The game focuses on the early “cell” stage of the full Spore game, and allows users to create and import their multi-cellular organisms and battle one another in a race for survival.

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On the site, users can generate a “DNA code” for their own creature and download the game to their mobile device. Later, users can sync their mobile game with the website to upload their current creature incarnation to battle against other users' creatures in the six Origins arenas.

Fi designed the site, and developed the presentation layer. Fi also headed internationalization and implemented the site in the French.

We wanted the design style to come across as organic, and used repeating patterns inspired by plants, insects and amoeba-type organisms, in combination with the green color used to evoke nature and plant life.


A collection of components from Spore Origins

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EA Mobile

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October 24, 2008


Sim Everything

According to the Wikipedia article, the original title for the Spore game was "Sim Everything", however it was "Spore" that really caught on and eventually became the official game name.

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