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Fi was asked by EA to design and develop a fresh new look for their mobile gaming site that would be accessible from the web, as well as from mobile browsers, where visitors can play demos, read tips and purchase games for their phone.

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On the site, users can access detailed game information, ratings, video previews, as well as download trial versions of games before deciding to buy.

In order to enable users to easily find and download games to their phone, Fi created a unique "game-finder" that allows visitors to quickly zero in on their favorite titles for their particular handset.

EA challenged our designers to create a look that felt "tech-y" but at the same time would appeal to newcomers and casual gamers; the end result is a look that appeals to gamers of every skill level and interest.


A collection of components from EA Mobile

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EA Mobile

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August 27, 2008

Actionscript 3

CSS Sprites!

Because the redesign of EAMobile.com was so graphically rich, Fi presentation-layer developers had to use every optimization technique available to them - take a look underneath the hood of the site and check out some of our optimizations!

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